Get Going on Something You Love!

I’ve spent a countless number of hours listening to podcasts at the gym while working out and trying to learn how marketing and WordPress blend because my background is in programming and not necessarily the business side of things. Through all of the podcasts, tutorials, classes, and more, what I’ve learned is that the biggest problem that most entrepreneurs experience is actually executing what they learn.

Use These Motivational Resources

You can learn more than you can imagine with all of the classes available on Skillshare, Udemy, and Teachable, as well as the great material available on podcasts, such as the Blog Millionaire, Funnel Hacker Radio, Your Website Engineer, the Matt Report, and WP Elevation, but the one thing they can’t make you do is actually execute, that has to be you and only you.

I’m not going to try and repeat the information that those sources represent and I strongly suggest that you subscribe to their podcasts, but it’s absolutely true that you have to make the decision to change yourself. It’s difficult when family life gets in the way or you are absolutely content (or afraid) in your current job situation, but you’ll never know what life will be like unless you start taking the initiative to do the things you love and simply coach or talk about them. It’s never going to get done unless you take action so go start today!

Stay Focused! 

If you haven’t gone right now to take that next step then keep reading, haha. I have been known to dabble in just about everything. I’m always interested to hear (and try out) the latest and greatest technology. Not only do you have something to talk about with friends and family, but you get to experience new things. That can spiral out of control at times because you’re always chasing the next big thing without ever getting anywhere. So if you are one to do that as well, just be careful and don’t allocate too much time trying to chase the moon…stay focused and keep a schedule so you’re being productive in taking the next step forward in your career.

Be on a Schedule

The best kept secret for making change happen is to wake up early, get enough sleep, maximize production in those precious quiet times that you get, stay focused (I cannot say that enough because you don’t want emails and Facebook to get in the way), and be proactive.

Money is not everything but it does make us happy at times, right? However, you need to stick to what you love and the money should come to you in time (Rome wasn’t built in a day). Your personal happiness is everything because then you exude happiness upon others, and in turn you will be blessed because you are doing what you love.

Have a truly blessed day and I hope you get a sense of inspiration from this post! Thanks for reading!

Stay happy in life!