Software Engineer
Michael Barton

Building useful software for over 20 years for corporations, small businesses, hobby projects, and the department of defense.

About Me

I’m a Georgia Tech fanatic, regular runner, softball player, programmer, and God-fearing Christian.

Developing With a Passion While Exploring The World.

Recently we moved to Austin, Texas, to live out the lifestyle that Austin offers. My family and I love to travel and being with Southwest Airlines offers us the ability to do just that while being in a great work culture.

Love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life as they say. I started software development in high school and continue to develop more than 20 years into my career.

Building dreams one app at a time is what I like to say. It’s amazing when you can work on a mobile or web app that’s used by several thousand people per day. Success comes in small steps so enjoy it while you can.

What Services I’m Providing

My background is in mobile, web, and enterprise development.

UI/UX Design

Photoshop, Figma, Sketch, or wireframes. I’ll be happy to provide the necessary UI/UX experience you desire.

Mobile Development

With experience in native and cross-platform, I can build an app using Swift or Kotlin and if the necessary goals can be achieved in Flutter, cross-platform is an excellent choice for a single codebase.

Web Development

Fullstack development in React, WordPress, Angular, MySQL/Postgres, Ruby on Rails, PHP, and even older Java/JSF/Struts apps are options.

Working Process

Let’s build a working relationship and build out the software that you need for your business one step at a time. I enjoy the art of putting an idea into usable digital action to allow the user to achieve their goals.

Work Experience

Twenty years of software experience working in the airline, insurance, credit monitoring, E-Commerce, media, department of defense, medical device, startup, and other industries.

Mobile Engineer


– Three years with Southwest Airlines working on internal crew mobility apps. (Native iOS)
– Five years with Progressive Insurance on the customer-facing app. (Native iOS and Android)
– Two years with Global Emergency Resources working with barcode scanners, medical devices, and HC Standard (Native iOS, Native Android, and Xamarin)
– Hobby projects for RC Radio Network (Internet Radio), Menu app for Dutch Monkey Donuts, Planned Pethood scheduling, Service Wizard Pro, Games (Connect-4, Concentration), Mulch Calculator, MyForsyth Magazine, and more.

Enterprise Software Engineer


– Two years fullstack with FormAssembly (PHP, CakePHP, Laravel, React)
– Five years with the department of defense (GSAT, BaS&E, and other custom projects) in Java, JSF, Struts, RichFaces
– Two years with Equifax (ILOG, JSF, WebSphere, WebLogic, etc.)
– Three years with Cox Communications (JSF, RichFaces, Avaya, Cisco Call Studio, webMethods, CAF, iTV, Java, etc.)
– Two years of E-Commerce with Automation Direct (DB2, JSP)

Computer Engineer


Georgia Tech degree in Computer Engineering focusing on Computer Science and Electrical Engineering.

Graphic Designer

Photoshop, wire-framing, mockups, and more.


Google Ads, FaceBook Ads, Google Analytics, and plenty of A/B testing.

My Portfolio

Mobile, Web, and standard software applications.

Mulching Calculator App
Mulching Calculator App
Service Wizard Pro
Service Wizard Pro App
Interviewing web app

What My Counterparts Say

Many have enjoyed working with me in the past.


Mike is fantastic to work with and has great experience in modern PHP-based stacks. He has an off-the-charts work ethic and unparalleled analytical and problem-solving skills.


Two things I have always admired about Michael is his positive attitude and his ability to grind out efficient solutions to highly complex problems.


Michael is one of those rare people that is highly intelligent and has great social skills. He makes programming understandable and finds ways to be more efficient and effective.

Stay In Touch

Let’s get to know one another and create something. Please feel free to send me your email so we can stay in touch.

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